I've been listening to a lot, but always happy to discover some more!

I'll start, in no particular order:

Hello Internet - What got me into podcasting actually. Just love their conversations for some reason.

Heavyweight - Probably my favourite podcast ever. It's a shame there are so few episodes! But I bet they just take super long to produce.

Beautiful Anonymous - My weekly listen. It's just a dude interviewing regular people for an hour. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes heartbreaking. Love all the personalities and different kind of people that call in.

Dear Hank and John - A dubious advice podcast. It's pretty funny, but that last part with news about Mars and AFC Wimbeldon I could not give less shits about. I just skip it.

Also, WTF by Marc Marron has been growing on me, but I don't know many people he interviews so it's a bit of a bummer sometimes.

Any good comedy podcasts? I feel a lot of comedians have one, but it's often pretty underwhelming. Tried Comedy Bang Bang, the one by Jeff Jeffries and Hanibal Buress and none of them stuck.

Also, shoutout the the Hubski podcasts, it's been a while!



posted by elizabeth: 10 days ago