I mentioned in last Pubski that my scholarships are six weeks late. So here are bits of the story after I slept on it and removed profanities. Because it's too lukewarm to call it a rant, I'm going to leave it untagged.

The full explanation is too stupid to contemplate. Suffices to say that the solution consisted of me coming to them, being handed a bunch of papers that I didn't even need to sign and hand them to a guy two desks over. Yes, literally in the same room. No, I don't know why. Nobody was informed about anything. And they refused a straightforward answer to the question "why was I even needed here?" I'd like to note that when I came there two weeks ago, they brushed me off and said that it must be a problem with my bank and that the money was sent. When I asked what was that all about, I got no answer and was asked to leave.

But that's not the main bit. When I came to cadres/HR to file a complaint, one of the people who work there kept pushing the narrative that I was the one in the wrong and the fact I'm blaming my failings on someone who does their job only reflects poorly on me. When I mentioned that I'm a research assistant and lack of scholarship makes it impossible to do what I'm supposed to, he responded with one of those 'appropriate for workspace' phrases that translate to "GTFO, I meant a real job." Classy.

Yes, I know it's not a job, but that's also not the point.

Many, even here on Hubski, seem to share a sentiment that people my age can't conduct themselves professionally. The reason it always rubs me the wrong way is that I find the opposite to be true on an at least weekly basis.

EDIT: Some edits had to be made and I (hope that I) clarified a few points. Hence the delete-undelete cycle.


Shit rolls down hill. Hold on to your paperwork to cover your face lest you get smacked by shit-boulders. With something as shit-sensitive as a scholarship and a hill as rocky as university bureaucracy, shit-boulders will fall particularly willy-nilly. Requesting a receipt of every transaction made, and every transaction request unfulfilled, ought to give you a decent stack of paper to hold up during a shit avalanche.

posted by Devac: 189 days ago