Brought up the fact that the memo said there were Three FISA court renewals with my Trump supporting facebook friend.

I asked what the evidence uncovered by the FISA warrant must have been for a judge to renew the warrant three times.

He said: none, it's politically motivated.

I asked if he had that little confidence in Chief Justice John Roberts, the Republican who appointed the FISA judges.

And then the conversation stopped. Weird.

edit: Ok, he apparently he doesn't trust politicians, but he never said Roberts was one. Won't comment on Roberts, but the FISA court has people who hate Trump, and there are activist judges that need to be removed from duty. Brought up the travel ban. Won't comment if this means that the judiciary as laid out in the constitution is fundamentally flawed.

There's more, other people are interjecting now, but I'm done. I don't want to piss him off: he's really an ok guy and also our good sniper in Halo.

posted by tacocat: 384 days ago