Here is your LOL-Guardian article of the day.

    Balkan energetically travels the world, delivering TED-esque talks with such titles as “Free is a Lie” and “Avoiding Digital Feudalism”. His appearances have proliferated on YouTube, although he himself uses an online video player that doesn’t harvest personal data. (“If there’s a free and open, decentralised and usable alternative, we try to use it,” he says – he favours, for example, the privacy-respecting search engine DuckDuckGo over Google.) At the same time, he and Kalbag are on a painstaking journey that involves ideas and prototypes aimed at creating a new kind of digital life.

Because of fucking course you give TED talks. And I'm checked out.


Around 2012/2013 I was beginning to get involved with a group of folks who wanted to establish peer-to-peer internet via meshnets, using traditional internet to bridge international gaps until someone could figure out how to do that homebrew style. The problem is that in order for peer-to-peer meshing to work as a replacement for the regular old internet, regular old people have to give a fuck about how they get their data, and regular old people don't give a fuck about how they get their data.

Maybe now with a bunch of RaspPis, wifi cards, weather balloons and such a project like that might be a little more feasible, but I doubt it.

I would say that the future is municipal broadband, but that's going to be illegal shortly in the few areas it's not already prohibited.

posted by francopoli: 289 days ago