Still no home. I start my job tomorrow. The owner of the building doesn't consider my buddy's freelance income as sufficient enough, so we now need someone else to guarantee his part of the rent. That means they need to hand over multiple income and employer statements as well as proof of residences. It's solely so the company can proof we're good renters on paper, so it's a lot of work for basically nothing, but we've found a buddy willing to help us out. (Parents were not an option for us.) But it's super stressful and I probably will have to commute 4 hours/day starting next week because I can't even plan temporary housing with this level of uncertainty. Stressssssfulllll.

The good part is that I had my first company meetings this week. I'm stoked to get started. The more colleagues I talk to, the more I realize that it's a unique, ambitious and motivated bunch of people that I will hopefully do great things with. On my first workday (tomorrow) we're driving to Austria to ski, so I could not have wished for a better start! (I'm getting lessons. Wish me luck.)

posted by pubski: 386 days ago