The background here is Neil is working on hiking all of the hundred highest peaks in Adirondack Park this winter. This is a very challenging task. The 46 highest, the ones I've done, all have a path to the top (though some unofficial). Of the remaining 54, most have no path.

The K10s Neil was wearing are made by Kahtoola. I have no experience with them personally. They're like mini crampons based on the pictures.

Neil carries a SPOT satellite tracker. I started carrying an Inreach a year ago. I need to remember to tell my parents hitting the SOS button could be to assist someone else.

Giant Mountain is a popular climb as it's only three miles to the summit from highway 73. It was my second summit. I've hiked it three times, and once it was a river of ice like Neil describes. I was well (possibly over) prepared, but it was scary how many were not. Because it's popular, the snow becomes very well packed. This trail faces south, so it also gets sun.

Modern snowshoes look very aggressive on the bottom. There are lots of pointy things. But on ice and rock they're really poor. It sucks to change traction gear, but it needs to be done.

I probably need to carry more tinder. I used to take a lighter but switched to storm proof matches. The other winter addition I plan is another base layer shirt. If stationary, the sweaty layer I have on will get very cold.


posted by WanderingEng: 357 days ago