I'll cherish this moment for a while.

Someone called Trump supporters something like "human trash". I replied, longhand, with why I think it's important to refrain from such comparisons and give those people a modicum of respect. I'm sure Daryl Davis would agree. It was good writing — more so from the reaction it's gotten.

I post it — the comments start popping in immediately. And then...

Some comments got not just removed: obliterated from the face of the comment section, as if they never existed. Others removed more visibly, because they had replies that supported the subreddit's agenda.

One of the removed comments warmed my heart (I managed to screenshoot it off the older "unread messages" page):

A good day's word.


Well, clearly you're a Russian shill. (/s)

I was banned from one of the vaguely feminist-oriented subs for having commented in /r/tumblrinaction. I was also threatened with banning from /r/hailcorporate for suggesting that the sub was assuming motivations of some company without any actual evidence.

The left has its close-minded too.

posted by FirebrandRoaring: 200 days ago