I wrote a book of poetry after my girlfriend left me. And I printed real copies and also got one of them published in physical form to be due out in the fall. Lil requested a copy of the chapbook I made and she got a sorta shitty version that I Xeroxed from hand written pages because imposing a book on a computer can be a pain in the ass.

But I finally figured out the imposing process for a respectable book and lil got an original and a typed version because she's cool and she was very encouraging when I pretty much posted the whole thing to hubski over the course of one night.

If anyone wants a fancy one PM me your address. A donation of some sort would be nice and/or postage but it's not required. There's no point in writing for me if no one reads it.

Hope pushes back the darkness.


Stay awesome, hubski.


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posted by tacocat: 385 days ago