Grace's story is common. It's so common that I don't have to imagine it because I remember it. I laugh about it without smiling. It's the story of so much bad sex. And when I hear that bad sex described as a sexual assault, it forces me to reexamine my own history. And see, I just started feeling strong again.

    I believe her; I don't agree with her.

    I'm telling you this not because I think she is wrong,

    but because I think I am.

    You have to understand that many women approach humiliating and uncomfortable sex from a place of "it's not that bad."

    Part of "not that bad" is a preemptive minimization of our experiences. You know, the way Fat Amy calls herself Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect so that the other girls can't do it first? It's our armor.

mk is it a requirement for titles to start with a capital letter? I tried keeping the exact title (all lowercase) but it then converted "not" to "Not".

posted by ButterflyEffect: 209 days ago