After the wall fell in 1989, Estonia took a good hard look at the range of opportunities that opened up, and they decided to go all-in on technology.

Now the tiny nation of 1.4m people (IIRC) has electronic IDs, electronic voting, electronic legislation (so, ya know, the populace can actually READ legislation BEFORE it is voted on), and are now embracing blockchain technology in the issuance of their own ICO, or cryptocurrency.

For financial transactions, yes. But also to support their digital identity system. Contracts. Alternate startup funding. Their virtual citizenship initiative.

They see the power of the blockchain, and speak intelligently about it, and see that it has the potential to be a very effective technology for open governance.

Yet again, I want to move to Estonia. (The cost of living, startup scene, residency requirements, etc, all make it really attractive as well.)


How's your Estonian?

posted by goobster: 210 days ago