I'm trying real hard to be positive here on Hubski and that includes keeping the doom and gloom articles to a minimum. That said, this article really helps illustrate an ongoing conversation FirebrandRoaring and kleinbl00 are having about how retirement is changing and evolving here in The States. So I thought I'd post it and give a shout out to them on here.

Here's their conversation, in case you missed it.


    No. Fuck you. No.

For those of you wondering: no, that's not the tone of the conversation.

This is bizarre — that 70-year-olds have to work to get by... but not so bizarre that I wouldn't believe it. My grandmother worked as a janitor in the city administration all the way into her 60s, despite the retirement being (back then, for women) at 50. She put work to rest around her 70th birthday, and that was considered far beyond what she was supposed to be working in her life. Russia has pensions, you see. Sufficient for survival, though not much in the way of living.

Me? I never even gave a thought to retirement. I'm young and hip: it's way too early for me to consider it.

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