Devin Nunes, for the last time, gtfo my gubmint.

If you have the support of an army of Russian Twitter trolls, then you don't need mine.


The Honorable Devin Nunes

And that's what a bureaucratic bitch slap looks like.

The letter was written by a DoJ Trump appointee. Nunes probably considers himself Donald Trump's personal christ, at this point, so wtf is going on? Answer: They've almost gotten deep state hardware inside of Donald Trump's lower spine, and if you don't donate at least $32 to within the next 48 hours, they're going to spike the Fluoride content to lethal levels in your apartment plumbing (and only yours, your liberal neighbors will be fine, they're in on the ploy).

kleinbl00 and b_b, you both might appreciate a good Nunes series installment. But choosing to ignore shitposting is also valid response'ing.

posted by am_Unition: 333 days ago