The Sunday Paper 2018.01.14


A Boeing 737 in Turkey skidded down a hill, stopping just short of the Black Sea - QZ


Hawaii Panics After Alert about Incoming Missile is Sent in Error - NYT

    The mistake occurred during a shift-change drill that takes place three times a day at the emergency command post, according to Richard Rapoza, a spokesman for the agency.

    “Someone clicked the wrong thing on the computer,” he said.


Why it's a Bad Idea to Launch Rockets over Land: Long March Rocket Booster explodes near Xiangdu - The Atlantic

    As the rocket climbed higher and higher, the four strap-on boosters that launched with it began to fall away. This is supposed to happen; the boosters provide extra lift in the minutes after launch, and when they burn through their fuel, they separate and fall back down to Earth.

    The satellites made it safely into orbit. But back on the ground, there were flames.


The Year Not to Defer Dreams - NYT Column

    I made the journey to Staten Island — beyond Montague, I know. We can’t always live up to our word. But we must keep trying. Avoid a high moral tone. Pay attention to detail. Wander aimlessly. Know, with Cavafy, what “these Ithacas mean.” Believe in, and provide for, the children who will inherit this earth.

demure's life

So I'm interning at SpaceX now. Rather exciting times, suffice to say :) rockets and dreams...rockets and dreams...


Bill Watterson


So that's why you're moving to LA huh! Congrats dude.

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