I wouldn't bother sharing this, if I were you, because this isn't really "news". This is the new normal, and there is absolutely 0% likelihood that the U.S. intelligence community isn't attempting to do something similar to them. Let's hope our officials are better trained in cyber security than theirs (but don't bet on it). All other things equal, I think we are at a strategic disadvantage because we hold a more "fair" set of elections, and thus the public is more subject to influence campaigns. Hence, Lord Shithole.

Today, Russia accused the U.S. of attempting to influence their presidential election via sanctions we're imposing. And that's probably spot on, but I think even the majority of Russians know that the elections is a dog and pony show. The Putin regime is a stable one, though.


I would be interested in hearing from whoever tagged this thread with #nobodycares and earned this thread a bump. Seems strange to me that anyone would think the subject matter isn't worth caring about.

And then maybe we can discuss whether or not it's a good idea that OP can bump a thread up in the feed by posting comments on their own submission. I guess it doesn't matter if you're "following" the OP so much as it does if you're following the domain or hashtag associated with the post. And no, it's generally not a problem right now, but I could see it becoming more controversial if Hubski ever scaled up. Or maybe, again, #nobodycares.

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