But it sux ass at context.

All the examples are "here let me read things correctly." None of them are "I understand the context of what I am saying." Go listen to "I'm too busy for romance." The first is a vaguely exasperated, cheerful and friendly expression rendered in a conversational tone. The second is a machine reading words.

I have Android Auto in the Porsche. it's a dumpster fire. Set aside for a moment that when you say "Play Igzeh by Banco de Gaia"

it says "Okay, playing Iggy Azalea."

When you give it instructions, it says "okay" in this exasperated tone that, coming from a human, means "I hate you but I'm forced to do your bidding." When you ask for instructions, it hectors you about how far away things are. It's just a text-to-speech engine (this text-to-speech engine) but between it sucking so hard at anything complex or out of the ordinary and it nagging the shit out of you for every little thing ("Okay, Google, text message to my wife." "deep robotic sigh Mobile or Skype. (eyeroll)") I switched my car over to speaking Australian.

I'll bet it sucks just as hard if you're Australian. But I'm not. Which means most of those nuances are lost on me. So Google Australia lady doesn't come across as an exasperated bitch who hates you for wasting her time and rejecting her goddamn Iggy Azalea playlist (the way she says "okay" even comes across like you're about to beat her and she's about to call 911).

It takes some deep diving to figure out how to do it. I initially did it by accident because Google led me to believe I could get my car to speak with a German accent (you can't). Australian was actually Google freaking out and attempting to figure out how to deal with me once I deleted Google American English. Which came right back the next time Android Auto updated because Google is so up their own ass as to how awesome they are (they're not). So I literally spent an hour and a half getting the bitch out of my car.

Picked up my daughter and she said "I'm glad the Australian lady is back. She sounds so nice. And the other lady isn't very good at her job."

Eerily good my ass. TTS is now squarely in the Uncanny Valley where it irks you without you really being able to explain why. In order to make it human again I had to deliberately blind myself to its inadequacies by masking them in an accent whose nuances are unfamiliar to me.

posted by veen: 333 days ago