Baseball is a finished product. Having completed all primary missions, it will simply continue to exist until it doesn’t, which is probably eons from now. The median age of those watching nationally-televised baseball games is 56, so yes, it probably is retreating to the American background.

    Baseball is a creation too odd to repurpose, and too fixed to be recalibrated. That is fine. It is fine for something to be wildly popular for quite a long time and then fade into something less popular, all the while unchanging, forever extant. It is where and what it is supposed to be.


    They did not come here for any future of anything, they are here to luxuriate in the sun and the sounds and the eternal, wonderful present.

"Just… play baseball. I like playing baseball. I like watching baseball. Stop fucking with it."

-My dad

posted by ButterflyEffect: 377 days ago