The song is called Лето ("Summer") by Зоопарк ("Zoo"), about whom I know absolutely nothing. My Russian professor in college liked to teach us songs to help us learn. While he mostly did more serious stuff (primarily by DDT, the main singer of which was a friend of his), every once in awhile it was time for something completely different.

What little I've been exposed to it, I love Russian humor.

(FirebrandRoaring (who can hopefully tell me if I got the lyrics wrong))


    I'm burned like a chop [of meat]

    There's time, but no money

    But it doesn't matter


    I buy a newspaper

    There's a newspaper, but no beer

    I go look for some


    Today there's a session in the Lensovyet Soviet](]( for Leningrad]

    There'll be this and that

    Maybe I'll go by?


    All the hooligans with their brass knuckles

    They probably have some beef

    But of course it's bullshit


    No salvation from the mosquitos

    And in the stores there's no DEET

    We're all honored blood donors


    It drives me from the light

    Quick, a carriage, a carriage!

    We can go have a kvass


    Pants worn like bills [i.e. paper money]

    A cigarette burns in my mouth

    I go take a swim in the reservoir


    I heard somewhere a little while ago

    That soon a comet will come

    and then we'll all die.


You got most of it right.

I'd say ерунда is closer to nonsense, not the aggressive bullshit, and хулиган would be closer to punk or bully in this context. Not sure about Дэта, whatever that is.

Nice work.

What other songs did you listen to? What Russian songs do you like?

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