When we hear stories about domestic abuse, they seem to always be stories of victory—of those who survived some abuse in their past. Why don’t we hear about it in the present tense? Why don’t we talk about it as an ongoing issue rather than a thing to be ‘left’ and ‘moved on’ from?

While I don't feel like it matters, I feel obligated to mention that the post has a Christian backbone while focusing on the personal,civil and legal sides of the quesion.


Her story is a perfect example of why the horrifyingly immoral way some Christian groups handle sexuality is worse than the sins they're supposedly protecting against.

I do wonder about her descriptions of the legal side, though. I don't know what state she's in, but her descriptions of the legal process ring improbable to me. At the least, there's stuff she may not realize is going on that would make things less clear to an outside observer. I have a hard time believing, for example, that a charge of domestic violence wouldn't be admissible because it was "pre-divorce." Maybe this took place longer ago than it seemed, but having practiced family law in a southern state (including some rural counties therein), that's not how it works anymore.

posted by FirebrandRoaring: 190 days ago