Talk about a thin skin.

So how much are we talking about here? Congress authorized 1.1b in military aid to Pakistan. Their GDP is about 300 billion. So. About 0.3% of their economy is military aid from the US. If this were the US, we'd be talking about $55 billion. The cost to rebuild Puerto Rico has been pegged at $95 billion. Houston probably took a $50 billion hit.

Let's see how deep China's pockets are.


It's not like China and Pakistan are reluctant friends or anything.

Pakistan was the first country to recognize China's communist government. China fought a war with India in the 60's and that shit played well with the Pakistanis. China is Pakistan's biggest trade partner, I know they have a bunch of different trade and cooperation agreements.

China has consistently been a good friend while America has been fair weather and unpredictable.

posted by kleinbl00: 12 days ago