After the original post and the thrilling's Part 3 of Hubski logo galore! I happen to have a relatively large stretch of relatively free time on my hands. It's times like these when often dive into an entirely new skill I'd like to have. Last winter break, for example, I made my Raspberry Pi web-app. This time around I figured I hardly knew anything about CAD/CAM software, even though that's quite relevant to urban design as I found out during my internship.

Today I started fiddling with Autodesk's Fusion 360, which purports to be a Swiss army knife of design tools from drawing to rendering to stress-testing to manufacturing. Most of all, it's semi-free and I have some cool things I want to make with it, like 3D prints and CNC milled stuph. So I constructed a Hubski logo as my Hello World. I used my math from that first post and made a simple render in 4k:

A while ago I made this wallpaper:

So my second idea was to 3D model that. After a mere 2 hours of rendering on my ol' i5-2500K, this is the result:

For other formats, see my Flickr!

To be continued....

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Sick! I want a Hubski pendant.

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