There is so much to excerpt. Yet it all deserves excerpting.

Where's Marlon.


Tons on journalists on Twitter ripping Wolff's work apart with things like, "A 500 word quote from a conversation between Bannon and Ailes? Get real." "Wow, everyone is quick to believe a known bullshitter when it's politically convenient." And so on. Not sure what to make of all that. I don't know much of anything about Wolff, but it would seem pretty goddam irresponsible to just make shit up to sell books (yes, I get the irony that that's what Art of the Deal is). I have to believe that the majority of this is solid, because it fits so damn well with just about everything that's known about Trump. It's not exactly out of left field, even if Trump comes off as possibly even dumber than we imagine him to be. Everyone thought Trump was just doing a media tour. It's not really far fetched to talk to people close to him who now admit the same thing, even if some of the details are not verbatim.

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