Hi Hubski! Did you make a New Year's resolution? Wanna share?

In the past I've made resolutions like: memorize one poem per month, finish a song I've been working on, do 30 push-ups a day, work on my novel every week, etc. Concrete things with realistic goals. I'd guess I'm about 25% successful on keeping resolutions.

This year, it's a little different. On New Year's eve, one of my son's friends was asking me about what it's like to have cancer (I have lymphoma and have been in remission for 4 years, doing well). It reminded me of a commitment I made while I was in treatment -- we cannot control the length of our lives, but we can control how much we live within the time we're given. If we can live twice as much each day, even if we live a life that's a little shorter we can still get much more out of life than otherwise.

How do we live more in each day? Simply by being more attentive and appreciative of the details around us, the people around us and things big and small, especially the small. For example, that lamp on the end table, I haven't thought much about it in a while but what a nice shape it is. I wonder who made it? Did they have fun designing it? I remember when I bought it, how happy I was with how it looked. It still makes me happy. It is good.

This awareness and appreciation is something that can be practiced, and for a long time I was pretty good at doing this. However I've noticed that past couple of years I've not been as consciously aware of it. I think I still do it often, but It's too easy to not work on it, to practice it, to strive for more. I want to be more aware and keep practicing!

So this year my resolution is to actively practice awareness every day, noticing and appreciating the things and the people around me.

What's yours?


1. Get better at piano.

2. Learn how to make a ring, and subsequently

3. Propose once I make one well enough.

I've got the materials in the mail for number 2, and have been working on number 1 a few hours every day.

posted by mike: 17 days ago