There's nothing "experimental" about this: rich people owning land that poor people work is called Feudalism and it's been a known problem for poor people for about 1200 years.

We're taught in school that the US declared independence from England over taxes or some shit but Parliament not only taxed America for everything they bought from England, they forbid anyone in America from industry. All manufactured goods needed to be purchased from across the ocean - which, once you've got capitalists of your own on this side of the pond, was an inevitably untenable situation. But that doesn't mean it wasn't effectively a war between two feudal systems.

We had a frontier. We sent poor people to colonize it. Then once it was civilized, rich people bought it up and rented it back. That's not a capitalist "experiment" that's a capitalist maxim. But hey, Quartz. So Adam Smith and earnestness.

posted by bfv: 382 days ago