2017 is coming to a close. Maybe we should have a post for that, too, because I know all of you have had incredible years for good and bad reasons. But we've made it just about to the end. New Years Eve-Eve. Reflection is important, but so is looking forward to the next year, as arbitrary as that might be.

What are you looking to accomplish, or attempt, in 2018? Personal, professional, fun-and-possibly-stupid, all is fair game!


1. Learn how to ride a bike (kleinbl00)...

2. Reconcile the issues I have when starting to date people / understand that dating for dating is not always the best thing. Learn to say no, while flirting more. There's not a good balance right now.

3. Do a vegetarian version of the Whole30 and cut out more processed foods from my diet.

4. Train and race my first marathon and 50k races.

5. Summit at least one mountain in the Pacific Northwest, and start mountaineering.

6. Climb my first V5.12 at an indoor climbing gym.

7. Run/move for 12 hours in a single day.

8. No online dating. Full stop.


1. Keep learning and growing every day. Especially interpersonal skills, and situate myself to be the next manager of the department I work in.

2. More work travel! Hoping to travel at least 4 weeks out of the year.


1. Do a better job of adhering to my budget! Right now I set it and forget it at times. I blame rei.

2. Switch my 401(k) over to cash-money.

3. Set a 3 and 5 year plan for savings, big-spends on adventures or replacement items such as my laptop, etc.


How did you do compared to your goals last year, as well?

Hit 4 of my 7 marks for 2017.

Planning to run it back and hit 7 of 7. Looking back, I hit a lot of personal goals without even realizing it. In that respect, 2017 wasn't too bad of a year. This year is graduation, so if I don't hit 5 of 7 at minimum, then something's wrong.

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