Why yes, I do own stock in Alaska. I also fly 20,000 miles a year on them.

    Shortly after RNP procedure commissioning, aircraft within Alaska’s holding company, Alaska Air Group, were the only ones to land in Sun Valley during a snowstorm Dec. 25. He explained the completion percentage there last winter rose from 75% to 94% due to the RNP approach.

And by this summer, maybe I go 6 miles north instead of 30 miles south.


    For example, the airline is conducting flight trials to evaluate the use of NASA’s Traffic Aware Strategic Aircrew Requests (TASAR) software. TASAR is designed to allow flight crews to make trajectory change request decisions in en route airspace, using near-real-time weather information, special-use airspace status and traffic conditions.

    According to a NASA analysis of 1,600 Alaska Airlines flights, access to this type of dynamic airspace information and alternative trajectories suggested by TASAR could save the company 1 million gallons of fuel and 110,000 minutes of flight time annually.

I thought this sort of thing was more common practice. Sci-fi spoils me. 1 million gallons at Monday's prevailing aviation fuel price of ~$5.20 means about $5 million in savings. Not sure how to calculate the savings of flight time, but with the industries margins so thin, I bet Alaska et al will take anything they can get?

Does this sort of thing have a measurable effect on Alaska's stock price?

posted by kleinbl00: 201 days ago