California Optimistic: When 20,000 people move to LA each year to become famous actors and only 5 of them really make it, it suggests a special kind of optimism, an outlook so extreme that it actually becomes gloomy. California Optimism is an admixture of this hope and desperation. LA weather fits the ethos: Sunshine every day, as they say, makes a desert.


I broadly agree with the points made by the author but I still wish he hadn't written them. Where rhetoric, examples and logic would do the trick, he resorts to snark, hyperbole and personal attack. If he wanted to be a paper-tiger villain for fans of UBI, he succeeded admirably because every argument he's made can be shot down by inspection.

Which is not to say there aren't plenty of arguments to be made. He just resorted to name-calling and fantasy instead.

posted by thenewgreen: 324 days ago