On Sunday I hiked to the summit of Basin Mountain.

It's a 17.6 mile hike, round trip. The trail was nice and firm for seven miles, and then for the next 1.8 miles I didn't see a single sign of a human passing that way. I suspect nobody had for maybe two weeks. There was about 18-24" of uncompressed snow. Naturally on the return I only saw my own tracks. I'm still a little sore. It was brutal, and I fucking did it. I think I covered that 1.8 miles in nearly four hours, less than half a mile an hour. It took me 7.5 hours to make the summit and almost six hours to get down.

I think I got a little frostbite on my thumbs. I didn't feel cold until the sun was down. My mittens had gotten a little wet, and they started to freeze. I was down all the steep parts, so having little grip wasn't too bad. And my mittens were frozen in the shape to hold something, so that was good.

posted by pubski: 429 days ago