They’re lightweight, modern-looking, if not exactly stylish, and certainly much sleeker than anything virtual reality has to offer. “The lens are a very iconic form,” Natsume says. “The aspiration is that eventually, this will become like glasses and people will wear them every day.”


Seven years later and, just as everyone expected, it's the Microsoft Hololens. Only somehow uglier.

I walked past a GameStop over the weekend. They had a big ol' sandwich board up for The Invisible Hours, I think, which included the puff quote "a must-try game for people who are bored with VR."

I know one guy who bought a PSVR. I know four guys who started VR companies. One of them owns an oculus, and that's because he got one of his customers to buy it for him. I literally gave my stupid Pixel VR glasses or whateverthefuckthey'recalled to Goodwill.

Nobody wants this. Nobody ever wanted this.

Nice tats, bro.

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