The F-117 was flown over Panama, where it was useless, Iraq, where it was marginally more useful than every other plane in the sky

    Initial claims of its effectiveness were later found to be overstated. For instance it was claimed that the F-117 made up 2.5% of Coalition tactical aircraft in Iraq and they attacked more than 40% of the strategic targets; this ignored the fact that only 229 Coalition aircraft could drop and designate laser-guided bombs of which 36 F-117 represented 15.7%, and only the USAF had the I-2000 bombs intended for hardened targets, so the F-117 represented 32% of all coalition aircraft that could deliver such bombs. Initial reports of F-117s hitting 80% of their targets were later scaled back to "41–60%".On the first night, they failed to hit 40% of their assigned air-defense targets, including the Air Defense Operations Center in Baghdad, and 8 such targets remained functional out of 10 that could be assessed

...and Serbia, where it got blown out of the sky and was never flown in disputed airspace ever again. The missile that shot it down rolled out before the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Your tax dollars at work.

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