Remember that time way back long ago when Trump and the GOP supported an alleged child molester for senator and still lost?

This was a completely stunning development. It feels like the first good news I've heard in a while. The hottest take I've seen so far is that Democrats can take both House and Senate in 2018. While I delight in the mental picture of Trump facing a Democratic Congress, a Democratic Senate flip is completely rose-tinted. But if there's a president who could manage it, it's our McDonald's Paper Bag-in-chief.

Sidebar: PredictIt market for "Which party will control the House after 2018 midterms?" stands at 60% Democrat. The corresponding market for the Senate had the Democrats jump from around 32% to 42%.


Some twitter jabs whose value is entirely feel-good:

The real winner is Steve Bannon. It takes skill to lose Alabama to a pro-choice Democrat.

Moore liked this night when it was much younger.

Jeff Sessions gave us Bob Mueller and Doug Jones. Thanks Jeff!

And a video: Jake Tapper in an exchange with a Moore campaign official, wherein official tries explaining why Muslims can’t hold office by claiming they’d have to swear on a bible which they can’t do “ethically.” Tapper’s response is priceless

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