I"ve effectively abandoned Facebook for Instagram. And the only thing I really give a crap about on Instagram is watches. Yes, I'll like your picture of your kids being adorable but really - get out of the way of my watches.

Facebook already has a "pages feed" but it's deeply buried. Honestly, what kept me using Facebook was that feature. It's not available on mobile and when I grew averse to going to FB on my computer, I ended up not using Facebook.

I was reflecting on all the butt-hurt Trump voters I purged from my feed over the past year and realized that fundamentally, it's fucking asinine to know what your high school cheerleader thinks about politics. These are people who dropped out of my life for a reason; if Facebook the only reason I'm aware of the life of a cocktail waitress in Vegas who happened to be in my English class 25 years ago, then Facebook is one reason too many.

posted by veen: 35 days ago