This 2.9 percent figure is pretty specific, though, giving it a veneer of precision. How exactly did the Treasury Department choose that number from all the possible numbers in the world, you ask?

If you average US GDP growth going back to the Great Depression you get 3 percent.

If you look at average US GDP growth from 1970 to 2007 you get 3 percent.

This allows the Trump administration to point to "historical norms". It also allows them to pretend the recession never happened. Once you incorporate that...

Effectively, the treasury letter says "we can spend our emergency fund because nothing bad will happen."


Can we get some Trumponomics erotic fan fiction?

    He ravenously peeled off her Dodd-Frank, knowing the riches that lay beneath. He didn’t just want some of them; He wanted them all.

    “Wait..”, she whispered. “What will people say?”

    “The Liddle American public will know NOTHING! They only follow my actions on Twitter (which are tremendous, I can assure you),” he assured her.

    She giggled like a child. “Actually, I am a child,” she reminded him, recoiling slightly.

    He shook his head. “Baby, this is Russia, and everyone’s paid off for the next two hours. Now are you gonna give it up or NOT, because erecting Trump Tower, it ain’t a walk in the park anymore, here.”

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