A weekly thread seems a bit much, but the old WAYP thread seems well buried, so let's start again


I got Pyre and Hob in an effort to improve my indie quota and didn't really end up liking either. Pyre was more interesting, but it seemed like an excuse to make a fantasy sports game. Hob just didn't grab me. I also got Endless Space 2 though, and that game is awesome. They took everything great about ES1 and amplified it.

I'm also really stoked for the new civ expansion, but I'm getting a little tired about people complaining that firaxis shouldn't put in ladies and how leaders should only be chosen based on their historical merit. Gilgamesh is in the new game and we don't even know if he's real.

I've been working on a back story with one of my DnD players and it turns out he's a Aasimar who fell in love with a Tiefling and had a child. So there's a half demon, half angel walking around the world and I'm really excited about all those possibilities.

posted by Isherwood: 165 days ago