A weekly thread seems a bit much, but the old WAYP thread seems well buried, so let's start again


We Were Here is a free, fun and infuriating co-op game you can play to hate your best friend.

Space Engineers is a game with a steep learning curve but a lot of fun with a couple friends, until they hate you for accidentally bumping into the 3-day-long-group-project spaceship and sending it hurtling into space.

Killing Floor is Killing Floor.

VRChat is free and a lot of fun if you're wasted, you don't even need VR. Although the community is probably less cool now since it was shoved into meme-dom. Just dodge the weeb thing and you'll be fine.

Age of Empires 2 is the greatest instrument for dick-measuring between friends next to Civ V.

I have 1,000 hours in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and it's one of the most embarrassing features of my life. Luckily I haven't played in a while now.

P.S. I play so many games on my free time because my campus is a black hole that traps and destroys not only light but also fun, and they won't let me leave Dx

P.P.S. Get Discord so you can shit-talk your friends while you play! And pm me for an invite to my friends' and my Discord channel.

posted by Isherwood: 342 days ago