Woodhouse recalled chatting with Phillips several times during the July stay and recalled that she had a dog, Leo. He recalled no unusually intrusive inquiries.

    Woodhouse remained a prominent Democratic consultant after leaving the DNC in 2013. He was appointed in September to be campaign director of Protect Our Care, which advocates for the Affordable Care Act.

    Weeks before the 2016 election, Woodhouse was president of Americans United for Change when two people associated with the liberal advocacy group were secretly filmed by O’Keefe’s organization.

    Scott Foval, a field operative, was recorded talking about disrupting Republican events and about how an organization might cover up voter fraud. Foval was fired. At the time, Foval said the video did not deserve attention from “legitimate news organizations.”

    Robert Creamer, whose consulting firm Democracy Partners used Foval as a contractor, left his job working for the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign after the video surfaced. In a lawsuit filed in June, Democracy Partners and Creamer accused Project Veritas of violating federal laws on wiretapping in its undercover sting, an allegation O’Keefe has denied.

    “That he had one of his operatives stay in properties of mine less than a year after he targeted me in one of his discredited scams seems hardly coincidental,” Woodhouse said.

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