Currently available for Android only. Website offers to sign up for future updates if you're not a 'droider.

Features include:

— VPN and Secure DNS included in-browser

— Smart Incognito mode that protects your data rather than sell it

— Massive encryption for your data, including downloaded files

— "Group your favorite websites by VPN location"

— and this:

    Tenta DNS is also compatible with OpenNIC TLD's (top level domains), which unlocks special domains such as .bit, .bbs, .chan, .dyn, .fur, .geek, .gopher, .indy, .libre, .neo, .null, .o, .oss, .oz, .parody and .pirate domains.

Source code seems to be located on Github, among many separate repos.

Apologies if this is a boring topic for the 'net geeks out here. I've always been curious about pieces of software that claim utter superiority in a particular aspect, and I thought it an interesting find to share.

Is it actually as secure as it's advertised? If it is, and the code's on Github, how come no major browser has implemented similar features already?


How do they afford to provide these services?

posted by FirebrandRoaring: 450 days ago