A user has been soliciting promotion from me (and got it from someone else). I don't know if it has happened to other people before and they just kept it quiet or if I'm the first one, but it happened.

There's already an option to hide activity of new accounts and the promotion system Hubski has in place works great. However, I think that this could become a growing problem (e.g. during a next Reddit refugee wave) and that's the easiest solution that I could think of.

So… let's discuss? Is it worthwhile or a valid concern? Are there better ways of handling it?

EDIT: Nice tag. I wanted discussion and got silent derision. Sure, let's start talking about it when it will become a problem. Preferably when someone more articulate (and liked, obviously) will propose a direct ripoff of this idea. Wouldn't be the first time.


Interesting. Please PM me the username. Also if you block them, they are done doing that, and it's a signal to us.

posted by Devac: 553 days ago