Hi all. Hubski newb-ish. Long-time lurker with a recent lapse during school. But I'm aware of the etiquette and most of the personalities here.

Pubski's new to me though - share updates like bar talk?

My wife and I started our first full-time jobs this year. We got married this year too. Moved to a new city this year. Graduated this year. Wrote our theses in Spring this year. "This year" feels like ages ago. Anyone else feel like that?

I think a lot of people struggle during their first year of marriage. I've seen a lot of our couple friends get into bad situations with each other immediately after getting married. If that's true, it's not hit us yet. Despite a lot of firsts, a lot of new experiences, a lot of uncertainty, we're solid. I'm very thankful for this woman. We're headed to London for Christmas (that's another first for me, traveling outside the country). Let's hope the first-year blues don't settle in then!

We're going drinking this weekend on that grown-up, salaried cash before we spend next week apart while she's at a conference. Pubski's got me anticipating that a bit early. I ought to get the wife on here too - her job's got a beer tap in the break room (juicy startup bennies).

Cheers, all.

posted by pubski: 459 days ago