New book coming later this month. kleinbl00

    “It does give me this feeling sometimes that something’s going wrong with our culture in Silicon Valley and maybe it’s just that thing of power corrupting and absolute power corrupting absolutely, just losing perspective. Like Zuckerberg might think, ‘Well, I went around to a bunch of states and I ate barbecue and wrestled cattle so I’ve been around all kinds of people.’"

If you haven't seen Zuckmemes before, they're hilarious.


Good to see someone talking to Jaron again. He's a very interesting dude, who looks at the world through this interesting crack in the facade; like a desktop globe with a cut in it, he sees interesting shit inside, but not all of it.

I was fortunate enough to be in his circle of friends around the time he sold the PowerGlove tech to Nintendo, and came into very very large buckets of cash. The best thing was that it didn't change who we was, essentially, at his core, which was a computer tinkerer, electronics geek, with a decidedly non-conformist view of the world.

He, Stuart Brand (of the Whole Earth Catalog/Network), and Cliff Stoll (writer of The Cuckoo's Egg), were all a part of this odd group of thinkers who are still relevant today, and have been talking about the confluence of tech and humanity for a long time.

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