I just received the following from my bank... they say people are less likely to change banks than to leave their spouse... the last few years have, indeed, given me pause, and made me consider the switch (of banks, not spouse).

    Dear Wells Fargo Customer,

    Customers like you have told us they want to hear more about what we've been doing to address our challenges over the past year.

    We've been making things right for our customers and team members, compensating customers who were harmed, and rehiring thousands of team members.

    We've been holding senior leaders responsible, up to and including termination, and the forfeiture of hundreds of millions of dollars in executive compensation.

    And we've been fixing what went wrong, including the elimination of product sales goals for retail bankers in our bank branches and call centers, reinforcing our commitment to ethics and integrity, and refocusing everything we do on our customers.

    For more details and the latest on our ongoing efforts to build a better company for our customers, please go to www.wellsfargo.com/commitment.


It'd be too little too late for me, if I hadn't already left Wells Fargo about 5 years ago.

There's a reason The Consumerist had a tag devoted to "taking things seriously."

posted by steve: 254 days ago