The game’s free-to-play launch is set for November 14th, and if you already own Wings of Liberty you’ll get Heart of the Swarm free instead. Free players have full access to the ranked multiplayer ladder, as well as every co-op commander up to level five.


I gave up Blizzard and will never play a Blizzard game again. I even ban the Blizzard DNS names from my network. Vanilla Wow... was not a good game. The quests were not good, the graphics were average, the voice acting was done by amateurs and it showed. BUT! The servers fostered a community and that community created friendships that still exist 10 years and more later. Allowing cross server play broke the community aspect of being on a server, and make the game less fun. Cross Server RAIDS finally killed WoW for the hard core people.

I'd love to go run through Vanilla again. Form up a 40 man raid and go back into Molten Core and have fun in Teamspeak. But you don't start drinking again once you are clean and you don't go back to smoking heroin once you are fully recovered. I have a cumulative 5-6K hours in WoW, and another 1-2K hours in Starcraft. I had my fun, met good people but NEVER going back.

posted by francopoli: 259 days ago