Let's have some fun. I'll send 0.01 BTC to the winner.

Guess the price of 1 BTC in USD at noon EST November 3, 2018. We will use the NYSE index for the price. The smallest absolute difference wins.


The deadline for guessing is noon EST November 30, 2017.

Open to Hubski users with accounts created before 3 November 2017.

Congratulations to Ezana for winning the last contest!


29 November 2017 update:

November 3, 2018 is a Saturday. The NYSE updates the NYXBT on weekdays, so the contest will presumably be decided on Friday 2 November 2018. If the NYXBT no longer provides a clear value, the top result of a Google search for 1 bitcoin in USD will be used.

Users can modify their predictions up to the deadline, after which I'll compile a table of predictions expressed in USD. I'll do my best conversion for troublemakers like steve who use alternate units, but guesses denominated in satoshis will be disqualified.

If you want to avoid sniping, you can obscure your guess as a SHA256 hash. Enter some text like

  wasoxygen guesses $10,000

and post a hash like


then, after the deadline, share the exact text that produces that hash and I'll update your guess.


30 November 2017 update:

Here are the official predictions. I added blackbootz (and also seconded his guess) and switched steve back to ETH.

$78,750 keifermiller

$50,000 Quatrarius

$35,000 blackbootz

$34,750 mk

$33,333 elizabeth

$27,852 AnSionnachRua

$22,019 Creativity

$18,744 thenewgreen

$17,500 demure

$16,000 ArtemusBlank

$14,751 weewooweewoo

$14,750 kleinbl00

$13,000 snoodog

$12,000 Devac

$11,000 OftenBen

$10,999 spencerflem

$5,500 Ulisse

$3,220 Ezana

$3,217 veen

0.79 ETH steve

$3.50 ThurberMingus



2 November 2018 update: Ulisse wins!



A fundamental problem with the wager is you are rewarded for offering higher estimates because the payoff is better but the loss is the same.

posted by wasoxygen: 445 days ago