In an effort to become hubski's most prolific sticker-er, I share with you now, a few favorites from this weekend:



Keep To The Right (which I think could be a nice motto for life)

lovely architecture in SoHo

my favorite place for a Banh mì in the city

The Washington Square Arch is pushing back the dark

a very thoughtful ice cream join in the village

What can be learned in Time Square?

I suppose one could learn several hubski usernames

The red steps are consistently pushing back the dark

Arguably the best ramen in the world is doing it's part...

What can be learned at the Met?

Bushwick... the thoughtful neighborhood




Hey that's not too shabby a tour of Manhattan-- you even ventured into the tip of Brooklyn's iceberg. And vandalized the Subway! A true New Yorker.

posted by steve: 689 days ago