Here is mine:

I want to make out with a 22-year-old girl.

Tell her about the world before those buildings fell

Want her to wake up in my charms

Leaching youth in to my arms

I want to make out with a 95-year old dame

Hear about the world before the colors came

Wake up when the world was flat

Lap curiosities like a cat

I've heard tell that

The oldest cells can

Be made changed when

They're near youth again

Ive heard stories that

Lady Bathary

Could run marathons

After bathing

I want to wake up in her arms

drained like a mourning orange


You know in middle school when all the girls wrote "LYLAS" and "Don't ever change" in your crummy overpriced yearbook? Well, chyea, when it came to me I know they absolutely meant it.

I'm pretty sure what I'm saying is this is about the humor level of a middle schooler, but hey, fun is fun, ain't it?


I ordered takeout

it was a Friday night

I needed shrimp lo mein

to start the weekend right

i started salivating

and scared the delivery man

But then I tipped him five whole bucks

And that's about when my weight got away from me

Nobody likes you when you smell that greasy

But I'm still more enthused about pork fried rice

What the hell's a recipe?

My friends say I should eat more veggies

I get delivery

I get delivery

posted 853 days ago