Apparently mazda is committed to gasoline... although they are also announcing plans for electrification... No judgement... just interesting.



I think Mazda is right in that it's a relatively safe bet that gasoline engines will still be around for a bit, even if certain countries and cities are trying to phase them out. If I had to guess, there's probably some financial motivation for them in that they don't have the same amount of resources as some of the larger companies, say GM, VAG, or Toyota, and they're already put a lot of effort into their next generation gasoline engines as it is. So for them, it's probably more prudent to stay the course than do a complete shift to new technology. Besides, they always have the option to share technology and facilities with other companies. Look at Toyota and Subaru. Or Toyota and BMW.

Edit: Going back to re-read the article, it even talks about Mazda and Toyota partnering up. Man. This is what I get for commenting on an article I've read three days ago, I look like an ass.

posted by steve: 267 days ago