Friend of a friend owns a small chain of grocery stores in New Jersey. A few years ago, when Amazon got into groceries, he changed his mind about investing in the growth of his own business. He started buying Amazon shares with his investment capital instead. He saw what happened to Circuit City and Tower Records, Borders and Barnes & Noble. So he bought some Amazon and then he bought some more.

    This wasn’t retirement investing. This was something else. What should we call it? Disruption Insurance?

    I don’t know. Anyway, long story short, Amazon is up over a thousand percent over the last ten years, and <jersey accent>he don’t need the stores no more.</jersey accent>


I'm completely convinced existing AI could replace my job with perfect satisfaction. The only reason it hasn't is the cost of the custom software is more expensive than the salaries of a few niche employees.

I would bet that twenty five years from now, there will be half as many engineers doing what I do. They'll mostly be baby sitting the automation and interpreting results for other humans that have an interest. Twenty five years after that, both the engineers and the people who wanted to hear the results from a human and not a computer will be gone.

And it will be the money that drives each change.

posted by kleinbl00: 241 days ago