A lot of Sigmund Freud's ideas have been debunked over the years (Oedipus Complex, penis envy, psychosexual stages of development...to name a few). But Freud's greatest invention, psychoanalysis, has lived on. Granted, today it is not nearly as popular and there are gaping holes in research and evidence. However, psychoanalysis marked the beginning of psychotherapy as a field. Its influence on psychology is remarkable and likely solidified it as a discipline. Therapy would not be the same without it. In this episode of Micah Psych, we explore the definition of psychoanalysis, its underlying theories, how its practiced, its effectiveness, and if your attraction to your mom is normal...just kidding! Or am I?


Prochaska, J. O., & Norcross, J. C. (2009). Systems of psychotherapy: A transtheoretical analysis. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Pub.


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