A smaller emitter placed even more closely, perhaps in someone’s pillow, might do the trick, said Dr. Qin. But it’s hard to believe such a device could escape attention. In theory, a building could be packed with small emitters; however, experts called it unlikely.

    And while ultrasound can cause many of the symptoms reported, there’s no evidence that it can cause mild brain injury.

    “I know of no acoustic effect that can cause concussion symptoms,” Dr. Altmann said. “Sound going through the air cannot shake your head.”

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    the Cubans let leak something about a "sonic weapon" so it would look like they're cooler than we think

If that was the plan it totally backfired, because the prevailing tinfoil I've seen says that the Russians did it in order to disrupt US-Cuba relations. I really hope nobody thinks Cuba has secret acoustic technology that no one else has ever heard of. They just aren't exactly known for their investments in science and technology.

I bet it's simpler though, just one moron with a hangover or food poisoning or black syphilis or something that sparked mass hysteria when they tried to blame their bad lifestyle choices on a "sound cannon." I mean, if you were a diplomat, and your stupid hangover excuse resulted in fractured diplomatic relations with Cuba, would you ever own up to that? I think not.

posted by kleinbl00: 257 days ago