Hey Hubski! So I mentioned in this week's Pubski that I was in Kathmandu. Now that I'm back in the US with a laptop, I can actually share a few (25ish) of my pictures. I'm planning on making a long blog post about the trip on my website, as well as making a video of highlights (like swimming with elephants, trekking and paragliding) but that will take a few weeks. I literally have 6,000 plus pictures to go through, ha! So for now, feast your eyes on Nepal!

Overview of the trip:

- Flew into Kathmandu, met up with a good friend who is Nepali (came to the US when he was 19) and acted as our host.

- Traveled to Pokhara, learned it's my favorite place on the planet and that I want to stay there forever

- Poon Hill trek around the base of Annapurna/Machepuchere/other absolutely giant Himalayas. Saw a metric shitton of goats and water buffalo due to festival. Got licked by a baby buffalo and bit by a leech. Fun times!

- Hang gliding in Pokhara

- Traveled to & explored Bandipur

- Traveled to Chitwan NP, searched for Rhinos, found monkies and hogs. Swam with elephants. Got entirely too hot

- Back to Kathmandu and visited our host's family for day 10 of Dashain. Got decked out in tika and SO much food

- Visited 3 of the 7 world heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley. Found out that smiling at baby monkeys = threatening the monkey. Got chased by monkeys.

- Headed back to the states!

I'm happy to answer questions about the trip here, but like I said I'll share with you guys my long blog post + video once those are done =) Namaste!


How long were you in Nepal? Was it too long? Too short? Was having a friend from the area necessary, or could you have gone without? Did you have everything you took in a backpack, or did you leave things places (hotel, friend's home)?

Nepal or specifically the Himalayas is a place I want to see. I hope you'll link your blog here when you post it.

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