Flew from SF to LA today. Saw kleinbl00 before and after my company took his bone marrow, plus two other cool clients that paid in BTC. Was late to meet a very nice VC and his very nice girlfriend, very charming. Missed a phone meeting, Steve covered. Only 5 min late to meet a very charming investor of ours. Got a Belgian quad and started catching up, going to eat dinner with KB. Then meeting a friend here to talk about some important things, trying to help out. Then sleeping in insomniasexx's and randomuser's new empty LA home. Back to MI tomorrow.

Yesterday I read, for the first time, that my father exposed himself to some serious shit in a big ambush in Vietnam, and he saved some lives and was awarded a medal for his disregard for his own safety. He lost even more friends on that day. I knew the part about the loss, not his heroics.

posted 1011 days ago