One of the largest private firms in the US, which reported a record $37bn (£27.3bn) revenue last year, Deloitte provides auditing, tax consultancy and high-end cybersecurity advice to some of the world’s biggest banks, multinational companies, media enterprises, pharmaceutical firms and government agencies.

    . . .

    The hacker compromised the firm’s global email server through an “administrator’s account” that, in theory, gave them privileged, unrestricted “access to all areas”.

    The account required only a single password and did not have “two-step“ verification, sources said.

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    In 2012, Deloitte, which has offices all over the world, was ranked the best cybersecurity consultant in the world.

At this point, life is becoming a parody of itself.


I wonder if this'll affect companies' lobbying in Congress viz. accountability for data breaches.

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